Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hi Yall

Just a note to say Hi and get this off the ground. I'm a 55 yr old retired housewife with 4 grown kids and 6 grands. I stay busy with knitting mania. DH works 60 hours a week to let me stay home and bless him!! That leaves me plenty of time for knitting, crochet, plastic canvas(a dollhouse for grands) and internet. In the picture is my DH, myself, my one and only DD and her wonderful husband. (SIL is in Iraq right now so prayers are gratefully accepted.) The lace on her wedding dress is all hand knitted by this piggy and will post more pics when I can figure out how. LOL I may be computer literate, but friendly is another subject!!!

I'm going to get back to WIPS now. I'm in the Mystery Shawl 6 group and want to have that finished before more start. I've turned into a KAL slut. Every one that winks at me I join!! LOL I'm signed up for 4 more shawls, 2 socks, and a weekly dishcloth exchange!! Trust me, Ravelry is not my friend!!! It is a terrible enabler!!!

Bye for now!!