Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sunflower Shrug

I've had a lot of interest in this new pattern!!!!
I did this for Red Barn Yarn some time ago and Catherine (my pattern angel!!!) had it sized and tech edited for me and it's now available at the stores that sell her yarn.  And trust me.... her yarn is AWESOME!!!   Her colors have just a little bit of change, almost like shadows and it's sooooo soft!!!  I love working with both her and her yarn!!!!  I've got another shawl that I'm working on a pattern that I will probably put in my Ravelry Store hopefully by next month and I'm planning on using her sock sparkle yarn (to die for!!!  merino, silk, nylon and silver!!!!!!).  I've picked out the color, now I've got to get the yarn!!!  LOL!!!

Our knitter's guild is having a big blow out at the new Tom Green County Library Oct 1.  And we're having our knitting on display for the entire month of Oct in glass cases in the library lobby!!!  Knitting as an Art is going to be a lot of work, but it's such a great chance to show off our talents!!!!!

I've got another PI sweater on the design board, this time with cables!!  It's going to be a real sweater, without holes....LOL!!

This is my "Cabin in the Woods".  I wish it showed the color better... it's a pumpkin color and is just sooo much fun!!!  I'm hoping to have this on in the store by next month!!!

I guess I'd better get off the computer and back to the needles!!!!!!!
:D Carla

Monday, August 8, 2011

New Patterns Up!!!!

I've added 3.... Yes, 3 new patterns to my Ravelry store....
This Little Piggy Knits Designs

I've added the Piggy's Pie Sweater:

Katy's Prayer Shawl Pattern:

And My Progressive Lace Scarf:

Since I'm not exactly a computer whiz it's pretty well taken me all morning to add these and I'm proud of myself!!!!!  LOL!!!

On my needles right now I've got Fair Isle patterns.  I'm trying to teach my old brain a new way of thinking.... we'll see!!!!!  I've got a great vest pattern and a pair of knee socks that won't fit me...... ahhhhh well,  to go with the body, the calves have to be fat too..... how strange would it look it they weren't????

The DD is back in Germany!!!!  She's still trying to get over Jet lag, or maybe that's an excuse to sleep???  She's spending time with her favorite thing.... my SIL!!!!  LOL!!!!

I've got 2 cones of cobweb on it's way to make a wedding ring shawl and hope to have it done by the time we have our big blow-out in Oct!!  The Concho Valley Knitters Guild is having a display at the new San Angelo library for the month of Oct. and we're having a big public event on Oct 1!!!!!  Cross your fingers!!!

Back to the needles!!!  :D CArla