Friday, August 20, 2010

Good Bye My Friend

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Tommie James went to see God yesterday. She is at peace and I know where she is is a wonderful, happy place. My saddness is for her husband and the people that she touched that will forever hold her in their hearts and miss her. She was a bit of a nut!! She had a wonderful laugh and even liked my coffee (I make coffee flavored water)!! We shared some really wonderful times and some really sad ones. I know that she is with God and with the ones that have passed before her. I hope that Uncle Ralph and MeMaw haven't made the coffee!! I will miss you my friend.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Prize time!!

I've got prizes in!!  I got this from the Implausible Yarn blog!!!  She had a birthday drawing for her birthday!!!  It's 450 yards of lucious sock weight from Dream in Color!!!!

This came in from Jimmy Bean wool for prizes for Seasons of Lace.  I won 3 separate prizes and it added up to 1700+ yards of baby alpaca!!!!! 
Whoo Hooo!!!!

:D Carla


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I got this for winning 3 different prizes on Seasons of Lace!!! It's from Jimmy Bean wools and is 1700+ yards of baby alpaca wonderful!!!!!