Saturday, January 11, 2014

Newest Project

I've been working on this for awhile, but I'm finally getting to the point that I can put some of it together:
This is how it starts.  I've got 56 blocks so far... 28 woven and 28 crocheted... That's why I call it a multi-media afghan!!  This is a fun pattern when it's finished... I've done a crocheted one (years ago).  The only problem area is putting it together.  You have to start at a corner and work from there...  Which I guess isn't a problem if you can remember which corner and where you're at!!!  LOL!!

This was the next batch put together... You can see our cat, Mouser, checking out my work... I don't think she approves...  Maybe I should let her pick out the squares!!!

As you can see it grows in a triangle...

And this is as far as I got on the yarn I had... Another order to Knit Picks, Oh, My, How can I stand it!!!  LOL!!!!!

I've also got a pattern for a cowl in a heavy lace/sock weight going, but no pics so far.  Both these patterns will be in my Ravelry Store when they're finished up!!

:D Carla

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's still cold outside!!!

But at least it's not freezing!!!!  That's a blessing!!!!

Finished the socks... Lady Igraine... (And if you're not on Ravelry you should be!!!)

My DD called yesterday and wanted my pattern for a knitted Pet Net:
I call mine a Piggy Net, and I'm guessing that you can tell why!!!  I'm working on getting this pattern written up and tested, then I'll add it to This Little Piggy Knits Ravelry Store which is where I sell my patterns.. I'm going to put it up as a freebie, and I'll let you guys know when it goes up!!!!

Now I'm headed back to working on a blanket for a friend of mine that's going to be gi-normous!!!!

:D Carla

Friday, January 3, 2014

Crazy Friday!!

I've got my 1st pattern for the Bleeping Sock games (the pre-pattern) almost done!!  I started it with some Wildefoot that I had in stash:
 This turned out to be plain, old, ugly!!!  I was past unhappy with the sock and it didn't fit the theme of the pattern at all....

Enter Kool-Aid.....  An afternoon with socks, Kool-Aid and a microwave and the ugly socks turned in these!!  Soooooo much better!!!!

Then I got an email today from Eat-Sleep-Knit yarn shop and their Yarnathon is back on!!!  Their group is on  Ravelry here... I'm on Team Octopurls!!!!!  I've been drooling over their yarn until I finally decided my computer was going to short out!!!!  Got to get an order out to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:D Carla

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


New Year, new look!!!  Things have been beyond crazy around here and I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back to this!!!!  I have been knitting like crazy!!  We moved to a house in town and it is like heaven!!!  The only draw-back is that all those food delivery places are now available!!!!!!! LOL!!!  This is soooo not a good thing!!!

I'm still loving Ravelry and right now my focus is turning to Bleeping Sock Games!!  They put out a "pre-game" pattern and start Feb 1 with the real games!!  Of course it's almost time for Ravellenic Games!!  I'm looking forward to that too!!!

I did get some Christmas knitting done this year!!! Socks for the SIL and stockings for both DD and SIL!!!

I don't promise, but I will try to do much better with the blog this year!!!!  I've got patterns started and will be adding them to my Ravelry store as soon as I can get them written and tested!!!!
Here's to 2014 being a much better year!!!!!!!!!!