Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Trying hard to update, but since the last update Windows won't let me open the picture downloader to add pics!!!!! I'm soooooooo upset!!!! I'll keep trying.... until then....

The piggy has moved once more!! I should've known not to even unpack at the last place. I work at a psyche hospital and my first clue should've been when the landperson said " oh, you work at ...... I've been a patient there!!" Bells and whistles should've gone off in my head and I should've just called Budget and rented a truck right then!!!! She had a big problem with my dogs and I had a big problem with her being a nut job!!! And I don't mean that in a good way either!!!!

We've moved into another trailer, but twice the size of the one we were in!! My sewing room has doubled in size and my computer is set up right in front of the window!! It's on the edge of the edge of a small town called Grape Creek (small enough that our electric is listed as Carlsbad and our mailing address is San Angelo!!). We've got goats across the street and jackasses 3 houses down and horses next door. The bestest part is we've got a great herd of llamas where I turn to come to the house. I love looking at these great animals (but know enough not to get too close, spitters they are!!! LOL!!). After we've been here awhile longer I'm going to see if I can get to know the owners!! Maybe they'll let me grab some scraps!!!! LOL!!!!

The DD is now in Germany!! She posts loads of pictures on her facebook!! I'm sooooo glad that she and her DH decided to do this.... they're young and only have doggies, no kids yet. It's the perfect time to see the sights and have fun!!! I'm driving her car for the next 3 years. I'm not really sure that she didn't buy it for me..... who buys a brand new car, knowing they can't take it with them unless they have other things in mind????? I've put my loving Taurus in the yard. I'm not about to give it up all the way!!! I paid $450 for it 6 years ago (1988 Taurus, in rough shape) and it's given me it's heart for all 6 years!! I have kept a great mechanic in Pepsi's for those 6 years and he tells me over and over to dig a hole and drive it into it!! Then he works miracles and gets it running again!!! LOL!!

Seasons of Lace is again going and I've got bunches on the needles... and would share with you if I could get this stupid thing going!!! The kids (DD and SIL) now need the wool sweaters and socks and afghans that they didn't need here in TX!! So between them and an outbreak of need for prayer shawls where I work (there's been 3 family deaths in the last 2 months!!) I'm staying busy, busy!!

Hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to post my pics later this week and I'll be back!!!!!

:D Carla