Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good-Bye Old Fat Dog

I had our old dog put down today. He was 11 yrs old and his health had been going down hill rapidly. He was a funny old dog and kept us both company and gave us unconditional love even when we didn't deserve it!! I just couldn't see him hurting and not being able to breathe. I wanted him to go and see God while he could still get a little enjoyment out of his life. He would perk up for a little while and then he'd sleep for days and cry when he tried to walk.

This is DH and Shaggy on the couch. I don't know which one needs a nap more??

This was his favorite place. On a stool in front of a window where he could look out and bark at anyone that dared to walk by!! He had to be lifted on and off of the stool lately, but he still loved it there!!

And sound asleep on a pillow on the couch. Good-bye by dear, dear friend. I hope that you can run and play now and are really happy!! We'll always love and remember you.
:( Carla

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just for Fun

You'll see a little addition on the sidebar!! It's a knitting meter from:

It's sooooo much fun to actually see the total miles knitted!! This is for the last 2 days!!! I'm loving it!!

:D Carla

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Birthdays, you gotta have them!!

I just finished mine yesterday!! The wonderful friends I've met on Ravelry made it one to remember!!!

This cake is from Sadie (sitnknit). She's having internet problems and emailed this one to me!!! Don't you love cakes that will never go stale and have absolutely NO calories to feel guilty about!!!! She's a one of a kind lady and I'm lucky to get to call her my friend!!!

These two are from cspooks!!! A moderator on the Luau Lounge on Ravelry!! That's a really great place to just hang around!!! I'm mainly a lurker, but I have loads of fun doing just that!!! My Ravelry name is thispiggyknits and the piggy cake is actually eating the cake in the original!!!! Now how she knew that I was a Trekkie from the 60's I don't know!!!! I can say I LOVE them both!!

These wonderful cupcakes are from guppygirl!! Again NO calories!!! I couldn't have picked better sweets!!!! LOL!!
Add to these multiple Happy Birthdays from Ravelry friends and it made for a really special day!!
And to top it all, my number 3 son actually called on my birthday!!!! I was sooooo glad that I was sitting down!! He never remembers!! On the other hand, my DD forgot!!! Now he's finally one up on her!! LOL!! She's number 4 in the children order and they have this competition going since just about the day she was born!!! LOL!!
On the knitting front, I'm still working on my blocks!! So it may be next week for the rest of the pictures. :( I have had a real problem staying focused on this one. I think that next one I'll mix up the blocks and do a really complicated pattern selection!! I just got in all the Great American Afghan series and may use blocks from them...... back to knitting plain squares!! I wanted this one to be simple to follow to make it easy for even a beginner to be able to have a great afghan!!
I'm also getting to do a test knit on a new shawl pattern!! Glorious lace!!!! My addiction!!!! LOL!!
:D Carla

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Delay on Pillow-ghan pattern

Just a quick note to let you know the pattern will be next week instead of this one. You can thank the tooth fairy...... I had 2 abcessed teeth pulled and can't focus enough to finish up my blocks. Sorry!!!
:( Carla

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I've been working on getting this ready!! This will be for a pillow-ghan. An afghan that folds into itself to make a pillow when not in use as a blanket!! It's a really easy, fun gift that I use frequently!! The squares are 16.5" by 18.5" and you'll need 13 of them. This is one of my squares.

Size 9 needles
Worsted weight yarn..
(I'm using):
I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby
Each square takes almost 4 ozs. (my scales aren't the best)
CO 65 stitches
Rows 1-6: Knit
Row 7 (wrong side): *K3, p1, repeat from * across ending with a K3
Row 8 (and all right side rows: K across
Row 9; repeat row 7
Row 11: K1, p1, *K3, p1, repeat from * across ending with a K1
Row 13: repeat row 11
Rows 15 - 92: Repeat rows 7 - 14 9 more times. Then repeat rows 7 - 10 once more.
Rows 93 - 98: Knit
Bind off loosely

This is the texture, sorry about the lousy picture!!

You'll need 3 strips of 4 squares each!!
I'll post pictures of how to put these together to make the pillow-ghan as soon as I finish my squares!! I went ahead and posted this much to let you get started!! Remember 13 squares!!
And I'll post the rest next week!! Have fun!!
:D Carla