Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Playing with PI

This was the original try at Me-Maw's Garden!!  It was a smaller than what I really wanted, I didn't have enough to finish all the repeats of the final increase.  I also used a crochet edging on this version.

This was the final version.  It's enormous!!  I used 1500 beads on the final pattern and a knit on edge.                                                               Then i just started playing around.  This one is 42 inches across and lots of fun!!

And this one was just pure fun!! 

As you can see they all are PI shawls and they all have the same central motif...  Just goes to show where you can go when you just go crazy!!!!  LOL!!

:D Carla

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I've got a pattern on Ravelry!!!!

I finally got a pattern up and posted on Ravelry!!  It's just for a block for an afghan, but I'm thrilled!!!!  It's already been faved!!!  If you're as addicted to Ravelry as I am you understand what I just said!! 

My DD and SIL got me a charting software for a late Mom's day and I'm having FUN!!!  I'm working my way up to my shawl patterns, but when I can get them as polished as I want them, I'm going to start selling them on Ravelry!!!  The software can be found here:
It is really awesome!!  And the designer is on Ravelry and answers questions!!!!  I'm in heaven!!!  I was not born in the computer generation and most of this is gibberish to me....... I can even get this to work!!!! 
I'm working on finishing a display shawl for the class I'm going to be teaching at my LYS this summer on Pi Shawls.  It's called "Me-Maws Garden" after my Mom who could make a stick bloom!!!!!

This is the first one I did while I was working on the pattern.  It has a simple crochet border and , even though you can't see them in the pic over 1500 beads on the last pattern.  The one I'm working on now will be a little bigger (this one is 48 inches across) and will have a knit on border and is in a wonderful color called "surf" with green beads!!  I'm going to be offering this one in my Etsy store as soon as I can get some better pics!!  This is one of the patterns that I'm trying to  learn enough to get it ready to sell.  It would help if DD and SIL we're in Germany, since they're my computer go-to people!!!!  I'm really lost without them.  LOL!!!
Now it's back to work for me!!!!!!