Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's a Go!!!!

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I've finally got up enough nerve (and had enough test knit) to post this pattern for sale!!!! I now have a Ravelry Store!!!!
This Little Piggy Knits Ravelry Store
I've only got one pattern for sale right now and this is it!!! I've also got my freebie prayer shawl as a Ravelry download now!! Life is sooooo much simpler when you finally figure it out!!!!
On the homefront I'm trying to get 2 other patterns ready for test knitting. One is for a triangle scrap shawl and one is just an easy scarf/stole. I'm also working on getting a pattern done for the PI sweater. Add that to 2 sweaters test knitting, a sample shawl, 3 afghans and 3 commissions shawls and I think I can stay busy??????? LOL!!!
:D Carla