Thursday, March 18, 2010

Long Time Gone!!

I know.... it's been forever since I've updated.  You have my "I"M SORRY!!!"  Maybe if I have to hollar it I'll do better this time!!!!

 I blame my Mother, isn't that what you're supposed to do???  I really do blame her though.  I was as usual a pile of depressed lump during the holidays.  Not that she made our holidays bad..... on no, that's when she really shined.  She could cook like nobody else, if you like comfort food (and all 280 lbs of me loves comfort food!!)  She really made it all about family and love.  She's been gone now for years, but every year starting at Thanksgiving and ending after my birthday in Feb it's all downhill for me.  I miss her, even if I do believe that her ghost is still moving with me and my daughter.  Lucky for me she's in Germany right now with Heather!! LOL!!  Seriously, we have loads of strange things that go on when we're together, DD and me, and we put the blame squarely on her!! 

Lucky for me I get tons of knitting done when I'm having a pity party!!!! 

This was finished in March out of some really
wonderful color-changing cotton!!  I don't have the Etsy store where I can find it right now, but will get that here soon.                                                                                                                                            
This is a pi shawl that I did with some great merino/silk for fun and for a class that I'm going to be teaching when I can get my patterns ready.  The strange things around the bottom edge are supposed to be fish...... Tropical Fish!!                                 

This is my Moss Green Shawl that I did for the Ravelympics.  Its a really fun construction.  It starts with an 8 repeat of the border, pick up the body and then worn a semi-circular shawl with the border knitted on!!  It's from Heritage Knits and was fun!!       

These are some of the reasons that my time is no longer mine!!  There's really 6 of these little devils!!  They are a handful and I can't seem to stay away from the window watching them terrorize each other!!  Then there's the feeding/watering every time they scratch on the front door!!!  Too funny!!

this is my Mum shawl from Susan Pandorf.  It's really got a much longer name and if you think I can spell that, you don't know me!!! LOL!!!  I'm going to take better pictures soon so that the beads will show up.  It's got a ton of them!!!                                     

This is the SIL's Christmas sweater.  I didn't realize until I put it on the stand to take pictures that it was Freddy's!!!  (Nightmare on Elm Street)  He loves it and sent me pictures where he's acting like Freddy in it!!  He's a hoot to say the least and I love the big, tall, skinny fellow!!!  I made my DD sweaters too, but they got off to Germany without me taking good pictures of them.

I guess that since I'm having fits with trying to get this done (and not rambling all over the page) I'd better go and finish fixing supper.  I've having my Mom's Heart Attack green beans (green beans with onions fried in bacon grease and bacon) and DH should be home soon.  I've got some more shawls done that I need to take pictures of that you can really see!!!

I will try to do better.  I will try to do better.  I will try to do better!!!!!