Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kelly's blanket

Kelly's blanket is finally a FO!!!  It measures 54 inches across and IMHO is gorgeous!!  Now I have to let loose and let her have it!!  My favorite part of it is the celtic knots in the corners and even if they don't show well there's cables on each side of the section!!  I'm really pleased with the way it turned out!!  Hope she will be too!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Might Be Cables Scarf  (the rest of the pattern is in the previous post!!)

Might Be Cables Scarf:

Size 8 needles
model was worked with Patons Classic Wool
205m/223 yds   100g/3.5 oz
1.5 skeins

CO 49 stitches
Knit the first 8 rows
The note on the pattern should read starting on Row 9 and all odd rows of pattern
Knit in pattern until desired length (model was 44 inches)
Knit 8 rows
Bind off

Taking the same pattern as the scarf I did a matching hat!!

And  a pair of socks are on the needles to match!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Might be Cables Scarf

I've got a scarf pattern written up and am trying to figure out how to share it!!!  Please have patience and as soon as I can master this @#!!**&^ computer I'll be sharing it with you!!!!!

This is what I'm trying to work with!!!!  ARGHHHH!!!!!

:( Carla

Wait, just a minute!!!  I clicked on the picture and it came up large and printable!!!!  Whoo Hooo!!!  Please let me know if this works!!!!  I'll add a picture as soom as my camera batteries charge!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

John's Un-Harry Potter Sweater

My DD and SIL have moved to Germany!!  He's a Sargent now in the Army and they're stationed there for 3 years.  I got a call the other day for "emergency sweaters!!"  Seems that even though the kids knew for awhile that they were going, they didn't find any cold weather clothes!!  So I start off on a plain percentage sweater for my 6' 3" SIL to make sure of the fit before I get "creative"!!  I'm working away and can't help myself..... I keep thinking about the sweaters Mrs. Weasley makes in the Harry Potter stories!!  I want to put a great big J in the middle of the chest!!!!!  Now you need to know that my DD is an absolute Potter fan, but my SIL can't stand him!!!!  I resist the urge as long as I can and decide I've got to do something!!  I've got a great book by Elsebeth Lavold,  "Viking Patterns for Knitting" that has a section on Runes.   I get to her alphabet and find the closest thing I can to his initial and added it to the front where the big J should've been!!! LOL!!!  That's why it's his Un-Harry Potter sweater!!!  I really like the way it turned out!!  It's the letter "h" from her runes which (if I understand the chart) is the G sound and since the last name is G.... it's there!!!!  I'm hoping that he likes it and will leave explaining all the twists and turns to the SIL!!! LOL  LOve you John!!!