Friday, January 30, 2009

finished!! and ramblings!!

First a little bit about the weather!! Texas is a one of a kind state when it comes to weather!! Cold/hot/whatever.... if you don't like the weather, just stick around for a couple of days and it'll change!! The last couple of week have seen 82 for a high and 28 for a high!! This is the 28 day!!
You know the wonderful thing about looking out and seeing your car covered in ice???? Knowing that you don't have to take off your flannel PJ's and get dressed and go scrape it off!!
Now for the finished!!! Laminaria is blocking as I type!! It's smaller than I had hoped, but still a fairly good size. I'm hoping that the lady it's for is smaller than me!! (that doesn't take much!!) I really enjoyed this pattern and plan on using the stars over and over again!! I loved the way they look!!
This is the star pattern..... but what's that??? A black hole??? I'm really hoping that the non-knitting lady this is going to doesn't mind a black hole in her stars!!! And no, I can't figure out what I did wrong!!! I didn't even see this until blocking!!

This is clue 1 & 2 of Lady Jane. That's the newest KAL from Knitting Delight Yahoo group!!
This is a great group.... the only down side is that most of the posts are in German. The designer does all her posts in both German and English and the patterns are in charts!!! It's really fun!! This is the 3rd shawl I've done of hers and I've loved them all!! (did I mention the posts are in German because it's a German group?? DUh!!)

I've rattled on enough and I just got in some silk cobweb that is just calling my name, loudly!! Silk.... cobweb.... have I lost my mind?!?!? Well, yes!! This is from Colormart and it's the first, but not the last time I've used them!! I also got some samples of their to die for cashmere!!! Oh, My!!! So, I've got to get back to fondling yarn and knitting!!!

Soon as I can get my squares done I'm going to be putting a pattern here for a pillowghan with pictures showing construction/folding. I'll be working on that soon!!

:D Carla

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just for Fun

Your Word is "Peace"
You see life as precious, and you wish everyone was safe, happy, and taken care of.
Social justice, human rights, and peace for all nations are all important to you.

While you can't stop war, you try to be as calm and compassionate as possible in your everyday life.
You promote harmony and cooperation. You're always willing to meet someone a little more than halfway.

This came from a great blog!! Knitting in the Shadows:

:D CArla

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

FO Afghan and casting on another shawl!!

It's a finished project!!! I just got finished casting off 688 stitches and spread this out on my queen sized bed!! Sorry about the poor pics..... I'll never make a photographer!! It turned out 66 inches across and semi-square since I rounded off the corners. I like it... but I might have a little bias going on!! LOL!!

I really wish this blue was as pretty in the picture as it is in real life.

Now I get to use this to die for cashmere yarn that I got from The Knitting Goddess!!!
It's been a long time coming and it's definately worth the wait!!! For anyone wanting yarn I recommend this shop!! She had all kinds of problems getting my yarn to me and was wonderful through it all!! My first order's mailing wrapper was sent back to her with no yarn!! She pm'd me as soon as she got it. I picked out more yarn and she had to pm me that some of it wasn't available!! After this she offered to specially dye a skien just for me in a color that I had told her I wanted to know when she dyed it again!! Can you say customer service!!!! I'm definately going to use her again!!

This is for the Seasons of Lace Winter KAL for the Laminaria! I can't wait to cast on!!!

So.... back to knitting!!!
:D Carla

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No, I'm not dead!! Just my camera!!

Hi again!! I'm really not amongst the dead, just have had a dead camera for months now!! :( I've been dying to get back to taking pictures and sharing!! I've started on a pillow-ghan that I'm going to be sharing the pattern step by step in pictures!! I've got a good bit more knitting to do before that happens, so bear with me!!

Since I've been gone I've got quiet a few projects finished, so here comes bunches of pictures!!!

This monster is what I'm working on right now!! I sent DH to Michaels to buy yarn for a contest on Lion Brand website for Vanna's choice yarn. I told him how many and left the colors up to him!! He brought home yellow, green and blue. My thoughts went to sunshine, trees, water!! Pictures of the Oregon coast popped into my head. This is the celtic knot that I used for the sun and the trees and the start of the water. It's now up to over 600 stiches per row, so it's going to be awhile before it's a FO!! (there a lot more "water" done)

This is an "experiment". I had some Red Heart designer sport left from making a friend a sweater for Christmas and just wanted to play. This is what came out. I've got plans to do this in lace weight and it's probably going to be posted on this blog when I can tweak the pattern. It went to Canada as a prayer shawl!!

This is my Autumn in New York from Bad Cat Designs
I love this pattern and it's soooo easy to follow!! She's one talented Kitty!!!! She's got a new pattern out right now, Ojo de Dios, that I'm stalking yarn shops for!! She just took it to TNNA for Jade Sapphire and it hasn't hit the market yet, but it's on her blog!! This one went out as a prayer shawl too!! I think that Ojo de Dios would be a perfect prawer shawl.... what better than "Eye of God" for a name for a prayer shawl!!??!!

A sweater for the DD for her Christmas.... Looks like she's having fun, huh?? This was a test knit and as soon as the designer gives the O.K. I'll give all the details!!

A pair of socks for ME!! This is Aquarius, I got the pattern on Ravelry and can't remember the rest!! I also got the wonderful yarn from DebInAtlanta on Ravelry as a Random Act of Kindness!!!! I've lost the label, but this yarn is absolutely to die for!! It's really a lot more of a turquiose than the picture and is soooo soft!!

This is a Schoolhouse press KAL, the Pansy Shawl. I did my thing and modified the pattern to suit me and added beads on the wings!! It went out for an exchange on Ravelry!!

This one was for a KAL prize!! I had fun with it!! It was the Autumn Glory Shawl pattern that I got from Kay Meadors/ Natural State Knits I also have a pi version called Autumn Leaf Pi Shawl that's about to become a WIP from her!!

Now I've got to get back to the "Water"!! I only have another week to finish that.

I also have a wonder pi.... Orkeny Pi from Elizabeth Lovick on the needles and it's going great. I'm already up to the 3rd increase pattern!!

I have just downloaded a wonderful oval pi from the EZasPi yahoo group

I've wanted to do a oval tablecloth and I think this is the perfect start!!! Whoo Hoo!! It's going on the needles soon too!! (can you tell I have knitting ADHD??)

I'm also in 5 KAL's, so I guess I've rambled on long enough!!!

I need to stop here and say a Texas size THANK YOU!!!! to my wonderful SIL who fixed my camera!!!! I don't know what I'd do without his computer skills!! Oh, yeah, I'd go and buy another camera and listen to the DH moan and groan about budgets!! LOL!! John is wonderful and I have to give my DD credit for her excellent taste in husbands!!!!

Welcome Home John!!
:D Carla