Saturday, June 20, 2009

Catching Up!!

It's been a hot time around the old pig pen lately!!! Literaly!! Our Air Conditioner went out and here in Texas it's noooooo time to do with out AC!!! It was 99F in our living room!!! I didn't dare turn on the computer for fear it would melt!!!! LOL!! We have now got it fixed and hope it will make the rest of the summer!!

I've gone back to work full time...... ARGHHHHH!!! It's not a hard job, just trying to get in knitting time and sleep (I work 11pm to 7am) and the new puppy on top of that!! Trying to get anything finished is turning into a hard job!!! Speaking of the new puppy.... Here's Jr!! He's sleeping under the table that I use for my computer. He's growing like a weed and is spoiled rotten!!! LOL!!!

I've also gotten addicted to Facebook!! Not the main part but an application called Farm Town!!!If you're on Facebook go by Supersow's Farm!!! There's a story behind this addiction!! I can't grow anything in real life..... not even ivy!!! Everything turns brown and dies!!! My Mom used to send me plants and on the card would put "See how long it takes you to kill this one!!" Now on Farm Town everything lives.... it blooms.... it bears fruit and veggies and flowers!!!! I know it's only digital, I know it's not real..... but it LIVES!!!! LOL!!! I'm afraid I spend waaaaay too much time there!!!

I've been doing some test knitting and have really been having a good time doing that. I have done 2 socks and am still working on a shawl. I'm having hades itself with the shawl and I don't think it's anything to do with the pattern.... I'm a chart person and this pattern is done row by row. It's not something that I can't do, it's something that I'm having real problems with. This is a new thing for me.... most of the time I can fairly fly through lace!! It's really teaching me humility!!!! I'm looking forward to getting into some more of the lace work. I do a chart and then go back and work on the row by row again!! I'm thinking really hard about going to the frog pond once more and restarting in some cashmere..... maybe a really great yarn will keep me at it!!!!

Last, but now least, Happy Father's Day to the Old Man!!! I'm hoping that he goes and plays golf tomorrow, or does something else fun!!! He sometimes deserves it!!! I guess he puts up with me, so that counts!!!! LOL!!!

Happy Father's Day Old Man!!!!!
:D Carla

Monday, June 1, 2009


The winner of the knitting book, "A Passion for Cables" IS:
(Drum Roll :D )


The winner of the crochet book, "From Needles to Hook" IS:
(another Drum Roll :D )


Thank you all for leaving the great comments!!! I've soooooo enjoyed this that I'm planning on doing it again soon!!!!

And Shaggy Jr says Thanks too!!!!!

:D Carla