Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yes, I'm a horrible blogger!!

I know it's been forever since I dropped in!! I've been using both hands to knit just as fast as I can!! I've been in the Seasons of Lace Summer and managed to knit up 11,855 yards of yarn!! In 3 months!!

Now I've got myself into more knitting than should be possible! I'm in the Hogwarts House Cup on Ravelry with 4 classes that I now have 6 days to finish!! I've got a PIF to finish that I'm hoping will be well liked and used!! I'm in 6 KAL's that have either started or will start soon!! And last, but certainly not least, (drumroll) I'm doing a test knit for a wonderful sweater!! As soon as I can I'll post pictures of it here!!

I've sent off shawls to several folks:

This one is headed across the pond to Bea in UK. Hopefully it will arrive before she reads this!!

This one went to Sadie in California. She likes it best!!

I've also sent the Sheep Shawl from fibertrends to Susan in Martha's Vineyard, but I can't find pictures of it right now.

This is my medal from the Welcome Mat paralympics from Bea!! Thanks Bea!!

This is my Pearled Romance from Knitting Delight. It's going to a good home as a birthday present this weekend.
So, I'm back to work!! Or play, whichever way I'm looking at it for now!!
:D Carla