Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's a Start!!!!

It's a start... My "Butterflies in the Garden" Shawl is now done in pencil and started in yarn!! I've just about got the "trees" done and start on my fence next. I've got this picture of a fairytale garden in my mind and we'll see what it translates into. Of course in any good fairytale you have to go thru the woods to find the garden....thus starting with trees and a fence.

OK, so I'm a little off, and live in my own little could be a whole lot worse world!! LOL!! This is how you think after having grand-daughters for the weekend. They are great kids and I'm always so glad when it's time for them to get here and so very glad when it's time for them to go home!! (Granny Carla really needs a nap!!!!!) I really think that God gave the energy to the wrong people. We have to chase after them and amuse them, we need their unlimited energy reserves!!! LOL!! Granny loves these two!

Got to get back to the fence!! LOL

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