Saturday, March 1, 2008


Has anyone but me noticed that since joining Ravelry their knitting production has dropped?? It seems like I got twice as much done before Ravelry (BR) as I'm getting done with Ravelry (WR). Is there really that much of a time warp WR?? Do I need to get the DH to take the computer to work with him so that I have to get my needles clicking??? (I'd have to hurt him if he tried....) Is there a happy medium of BR time and WR time?? Am I wasting good knitting time writing this??? (Duh, yes). Just my thoughts as I look at the clock and it's been 2 hours since I logged onto Ravelry and my big butt hasn't left this chair!! GadZooks!!!!

:D Carla

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Jen said...

I think most of us on Ravelry feel that way! It is so much fun, that I just never want to log off. :)