Thursday, June 5, 2008

Finally, pics!!

Finally, after over a year, I've got good pics of Heather's wedding dress!! I knit the lace for this and did the design to show our heritage. The side border of the train is Celtic knots (Irish great- grandfathers) and the central motif is a Cherokee Star (Cherokee great-grandmoms). I did a 4foot by 8 foot sheet of basic fill lace and my BFF, Connie, did a cut and sew to do the sleeves and bodice. Connie also did the sewing for the satin underdress. She's awsome!! This was a big challenge and I loved every minute. That being said, if I ever do it again it will be in a size 2, not a 2X!!! LOL!!

:D Carla


Bea said...

Um, well, what can I say?? Awesome!!

FibroKnits said...

Wow, that is astounding! I cannot believe the hours and the skills that must have gone into that. Your DD must be thrilled to have a mom who can do such work, and who cares enough for her to do it. You have an heirloom for the future.

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS! Absolutely stunning. You must really love your DD - and, I am sure she really loves YOU! It's an heirloom piece to be handed down through the generations.