Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Whoo-Hoo I've been tagged!!! I love these things!! They not only give me something to talk about they make me think!! I was tagged by a good friend from Ravelry, Fibroknits!!

1. What were you doing 10 years ago (1998)?
I was living in Merkel, TX and doing hospice care with my Mom while she died of cancer. It was a hard year.

2. 5 Things on todays "to do" lis:
Answer these questions
Work on the sweater I'm knitting for KnitOnTheNet
Do my Ravelry thang.... Addresses for RAK and The Welcome Wagon for the letter N
Cook lunch and clean up
Take a nap (very important!! LOL!!)

3. Things I'd do if I were a billionaire:
First get a money management team that I could trust. Go shopping for yarn/needles/patterns (bunches of all). Set up trust funds for my grandkids. Buy a travel-trailer (one of the big bus type) and have it retro-fitted to match my 1960's style. Set up trust funds for some of the charity org. for Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

4. 3 Bad Habits
I could make a sailor blush with my cussing
I eat when I'm depressed... not when I'm hungry
I don't always finish what I start

5. 5 Places I've lived
Olden, Texas (where I was raised)
Alpine, Texas
Odessa, Texas
Marfa, Texas
Merkel, Texas
(I've lived out of Texas for 6 months total in 56 years.... 3months in Los Angeles, CA and 3 months in Tampa Bay, FL.... that was enough!! LOL!!)

6. 5 jobs I've had
nurse aide (before they were certified)
motel maid

7. 5 people I'm tagging:


:D Carla

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