Sunday, July 6, 2008

Progress Update

I've been knitting lace like there's no tomorrow!! I've been trying to get the Spring Mystery Stole to suit me. I started with green and that just didn't work for me. Then I went to a blue fingering, nope. The DH told me that one was wrong (and I hate it when he's right!!) LOL! Then a blue lace weight that just didn't have the look I wanted. Then I bought some Knit Picks Shadow from a lady on Ravelry. Redwood Forest with green beads!! Wonderful!! Reminds me of green buds on the trees when spring arrives, perfect for a Spring Stole!!

I had read so much about this being too short that I went ahead and did a repeat of clue 1 to add length. I think it's going to be perfect (at least in length!! LOL!!)

I'm not much of a photographer. Wish my Dad was around, he was a pro!!

I've also got the Ann. Mystery Shawl going from Goddess Knits. Also a stash buster sale from Ravelry. Lace weight wool in "Lettuce" and that's just what it look like!! A head of wilted lettuce!!!

I'm still working away on the afghan for my friend. I've designed this thing in strips working different cable/lace patterns on the strips. I've also cabled downt the sides of the strips that will mate up and make a cable at the join, if all works like I want it to. We'll see!! If it works out I'm going to post the pattern here. No picture just yet..... I want to get a little bit put together first and see where it's going.

I took time to knit the Rattlesnake Creek socks for the Sock Pentathon. I managed to come in at number 10!!! These are wonderful socks, but heavy cables!! I had one of my senior moments and instead of doing 1 1/2 repeats of the cable pattern I did the whole 2 that the pattern called for. DUH!! But they were fun.

I've also got the Mystic Meadows on the needles. I don't know if I like this one well enough to finish it, or if I'll hit the frog pond once more. I love the yarn I'm using...... I'm just not crazy about the pattern. I may just wait for her Mystic Earth

And of course my helper has been helping me pin thing out for pics!!

:D Carla

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Bea said...

I was beginning to wonder where you had disappeared to - now I know. Sheesh, you been doing some knitting!