Saturday, July 12, 2008

Riddle Me This

As anyone who knows me knows..... I spend way too much time on Ravelry. I've made some really great friends and learned a ton of new stuff there!! That being said, I have a really great friend that included me in a riddle tonight:

"Why can't you tell a pig a secret?"

Now, I seem to remember this same riddle going around when I was in grade school and we won't even think about saying how long ago that was!! LOL!! I still couldn't remember the answer!! Now, I'm a BIG pig person and I really love them, especially the "for real" pigs. Not the pot bellied kind, the kind that ends up over 500 lbs. I used to raise pigs in a previous life (when I was in my 20's) and we had one that I had bottle raised that thought it was a dog and could open our back door and come in the house and make itself at home. She lived with the dogs and never set foot in the actual pig pens. I had city cousins over once and when that 750 lb sow walked into the kitchen I thought they were going to have a stroke!! LOL!!

I still couldn't remember the answer!!

On a knitting front..... I've got 4 shawls on the needles and 2 more to start. I'm on the 4th clue of the Goddess Knits Ann. Shawl and have just printed up her new one the MS9!! I have Jeanie Townsend's Ivy Leaf Shawl almost finished to send to a really special lady for a prayer shawl. I have the Mystic Meadows on the needles, but I think that's headed for the frog pond and I've got the Spring Mystery Stole from Goddess Knits going great!!
I'm working on my second 1000 yards for the Seasons of Lace competition.

And I still couldn't think of the answer.

Answer: "Because he'll SQUEAL!!!" ROFLMAO!!!!!

O.K. I've never really grown beyond grade school!!! Thanks so much to Sadie (sitnknit on Ravelry) for that one!!!
:D Carla

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Bea said...

Don't you just hate when you know you know the answer but it just doesn't click?? ;-)