Thursday, February 5, 2009


I've been working on getting this ready!! This will be for a pillow-ghan. An afghan that folds into itself to make a pillow when not in use as a blanket!! It's a really easy, fun gift that I use frequently!! The squares are 16.5" by 18.5" and you'll need 13 of them. This is one of my squares.

Size 9 needles
Worsted weight yarn..
(I'm using):
I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby
Each square takes almost 4 ozs. (my scales aren't the best)
CO 65 stitches
Rows 1-6: Knit
Row 7 (wrong side): *K3, p1, repeat from * across ending with a K3
Row 8 (and all right side rows: K across
Row 9; repeat row 7
Row 11: K1, p1, *K3, p1, repeat from * across ending with a K1
Row 13: repeat row 11
Rows 15 - 92: Repeat rows 7 - 14 9 more times. Then repeat rows 7 - 10 once more.
Rows 93 - 98: Knit
Bind off loosely

This is the texture, sorry about the lousy picture!!

You'll need 3 strips of 4 squares each!!
I'll post pictures of how to put these together to make the pillow-ghan as soon as I finish my squares!! I went ahead and posted this much to let you get started!! Remember 13 squares!!
And I'll post the rest next week!! Have fun!!
:D Carla

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Sadie said...

Looking forward to seeing the pillow! I actually think I can do this one!