Friday, January 3, 2014

Crazy Friday!!

I've got my 1st pattern for the Bleeping Sock games (the pre-pattern) almost done!!  I started it with some Wildefoot that I had in stash:
 This turned out to be plain, old, ugly!!!  I was past unhappy with the sock and it didn't fit the theme of the pattern at all....

Enter Kool-Aid.....  An afternoon with socks, Kool-Aid and a microwave and the ugly socks turned in these!!  Soooooo much better!!!!

Then I got an email today from Eat-Sleep-Knit yarn shop and their Yarnathon is back on!!!  Their group is on  Ravelry here... I'm on Team Octopurls!!!!!  I've been drooling over their yarn until I finally decided my computer was going to short out!!!!  Got to get an order out to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:D Carla

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