Wednesday, January 21, 2009

FO Afghan and casting on another shawl!!

It's a finished project!!! I just got finished casting off 688 stitches and spread this out on my queen sized bed!! Sorry about the poor pics..... I'll never make a photographer!! It turned out 66 inches across and semi-square since I rounded off the corners. I like it... but I might have a little bias going on!! LOL!!

I really wish this blue was as pretty in the picture as it is in real life.

Now I get to use this to die for cashmere yarn that I got from The Knitting Goddess!!!
It's been a long time coming and it's definately worth the wait!!! For anyone wanting yarn I recommend this shop!! She had all kinds of problems getting my yarn to me and was wonderful through it all!! My first order's mailing wrapper was sent back to her with no yarn!! She pm'd me as soon as she got it. I picked out more yarn and she had to pm me that some of it wasn't available!! After this she offered to specially dye a skien just for me in a color that I had told her I wanted to know when she dyed it again!! Can you say customer service!!!! I'm definately going to use her again!!

This is for the Seasons of Lace Winter KAL for the Laminaria! I can't wait to cast on!!!

So.... back to knitting!!!
:D Carla

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Just Me said...

Lovely knitting as always. You are such a talented bunny!!