Friday, January 30, 2009

finished!! and ramblings!!

First a little bit about the weather!! Texas is a one of a kind state when it comes to weather!! Cold/hot/whatever.... if you don't like the weather, just stick around for a couple of days and it'll change!! The last couple of week have seen 82 for a high and 28 for a high!! This is the 28 day!!
You know the wonderful thing about looking out and seeing your car covered in ice???? Knowing that you don't have to take off your flannel PJ's and get dressed and go scrape it off!!
Now for the finished!!! Laminaria is blocking as I type!! It's smaller than I had hoped, but still a fairly good size. I'm hoping that the lady it's for is smaller than me!! (that doesn't take much!!) I really enjoyed this pattern and plan on using the stars over and over again!! I loved the way they look!!
This is the star pattern..... but what's that??? A black hole??? I'm really hoping that the non-knitting lady this is going to doesn't mind a black hole in her stars!!! And no, I can't figure out what I did wrong!!! I didn't even see this until blocking!!

This is clue 1 & 2 of Lady Jane. That's the newest KAL from Knitting Delight Yahoo group!!
This is a great group.... the only down side is that most of the posts are in German. The designer does all her posts in both German and English and the patterns are in charts!!! It's really fun!! This is the 3rd shawl I've done of hers and I've loved them all!! (did I mention the posts are in German because it's a German group?? DUh!!)

I've rattled on enough and I just got in some silk cobweb that is just calling my name, loudly!! Silk.... cobweb.... have I lost my mind?!?!? Well, yes!! This is from Colormart and it's the first, but not the last time I've used them!! I also got some samples of their to die for cashmere!!! Oh, My!!! So, I've got to get back to fondling yarn and knitting!!!

Soon as I can get my squares done I'm going to be putting a pattern here for a pillowghan with pictures showing construction/folding. I'll be working on that soon!!

:D Carla

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